A way-finding and place-making design for the Barbican Arts Centre through personification of the Barbican's history.

I am Barbican, this is my story

client: The Barbican Arts Centre

narrative: The personification of the Barbican’s history.

A place-making and way-finding system for the Barbican Arts Centre using the Barbican’s history to create a persona which is discovered through poetic narratives inserted into the Barbican’s yellow line way finding system and enhanced at the main entrance by stop motion videos depicting the journeys.

A rotation of artworks, posters and sculptures were commissioned to illustrate the poems along the way finding yellow line journeys, which were compiled into a series of booklets helping visitors to navigate the poetic yellow lines around the Barbican.

The design helps visitors to navigate the Barbican Centre, making it more accessible  as well as revealing the layers of history within the Barbican area.